infoKefáli Press is a new publishing company founded by composers. Our mission is to offer excellent, accessible works by emerging composers to the public.

Our credo:

  • Do no evil. We offer our composers/arrangers one of the highest royalty rates in the industry.
  • Be not afraid. We do not shy away from lesser-known composers. We judge a composition by its musical merit, not by the name behind it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronouce Kefáli?

Like this: keh-FAH-lee.

I’m a composer and I would like to submit some scores to Kefáli Press. How do I do so?

Right this way please.

Are there any costs incurred by composers?

No. Kefáli Press believes that a composer should never have to pay to have a work published.

How does Kefáli Press distribute music?

We strive to streamline the process by which buyers receive the scores that they buy. For most letter-size scores (8.5 x 11), we offer a choice of purchasing options. Buyers may choose to purchase a given score either as a hard copy or as a PDF. Look for icons that represent the score format:

  • Represents a physical printed score that will be shipped to you.


  • Represents a digital PDF that you can download and print.


If a buyer purchases copies in PDF format, the score (and optional parts) are promptly delivered on-line. The customer can then print the score at his/her own accord. It is literally Point. Click. Buy. Print.

If a buyer purchases a hard copy, then the printed music will be shipped as usual to the specified address.

Are there any benefits to purchasing a score in PDF format over a printed edition?

Yes. For starters, purchasing a PDF will allow the buyer to access the score/parts much faster than waiting to receive printed music in the mail.

Also, purchasing a PDF is significantly less expensive than buying the same score as a hard copy. By spending less on printing, postage, and storing inventory, Kefáli Press is able to offer PDFs for lower prices and pay the composer a higher royalty.

If I purchase a PDF, how do I receive it?

After your purchase you will receive an e-mail with a download link. The PDF that you purchased will be contained within a ZIP file. Extract the PDF from the ZIP file, and use software such as Adobe Reader to view and print the score.

What forms of payment does Kefáli Press accept?

Kefáli Press accepts all major credit/debit cards through PayPal.

What about copyright infringement? By providing the option to buy PDFs on-line, what is to stop someone from paying for 10 copies of a choral score and printing 20?

Naturally, we are concerned about copyright infringement, but leave that to the integrity of the buyer. Our view is that there is an equal chance for illegal copying when dealing with PDFs as there is for traditional sheet music.